Kevin is at present finishing his doctoral dissertation. While his scholarly interests revolve around issues of public and private in ancient urbanism he is also interested in ancient technology and the substructures that make cities work (drainage systems, water systems, amatures). He is also keenly interested in modern technology, both for use in archaeology and teaching. Kevin is webmaster and contributing editor of and is the U.S. liason for the online journal Digressus. He has excavated at Pompeii and Morgantina, Sicily; he is a member of the East Isthmia Archaeological Project (University of Cincinnati and The Ohio State University) and the Galatas Survey Project, Crete (SUNY Buffalo). Kevin has delivered papers at graduate symposia, the AIA annual meetings, and the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford. He has recently co-authored an article on Isthmia and is currently co-editing a volume on Pompeii for Oxbow Books. Kevin has taught courses on Image and Text in the Ancient World, Roman Art and Archaeology and Ancient Art History at SUNY Buffalo, University of Virginia and Longwood University (where he is currently adjunct professor of Art History).