Eric E. Poehler




PhD (ABD. Defending May, 2008)  Classical Art and Archaeology, Department of Art History

2000-present         University of Virginia                                                      Charlottesville, VA

Dissertation: “The Organization of Pompeii’s System of Traffic: An Analysis of the Evidence and its Impact on the Infrastructure, Economy and Urbanism of the Ancient City.

     Dissertation Supervisors: John Dobbins, Malcolm Bell,

                                              Bernie Frischer, and Tyler Jo Smith


Master of Art History
2000 - 2003     University of Virginia                                                           Charlottesville, VA

Master’s thesis Title: “Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic”

     Supervisors: John Dobbins and  Tyler Jo Smith


Master of Social Science
1998 - 1999     University of Chicago                                                          Chicago, IL

Master’s thesis Title: “Narrowing Stones and the Traffic System in Pompeii

     Supervisors: Michael Dietler and Ingrid Rowland


Bachelor of History and French Language
1993 – 1997    
Bemidji State University                                                     Bemidji, MN

     Minors in Anthropology and Philosophy


areas of interest



Greek and Roman Archaeology; Roman Urbanism and Architectural History; Ancient Economics; Technology and Archaeology; Archaeological Theory and Method; Art Historical Theory; Roman Social History.





Peer Reviewed:


Ellis, S., T. Gregory, E. Poehler and K. Cole, 2008 (forthcoming). “A New Method for Studying Architecture and Integrating Legacy Data: A case study from Isthmia, Greece.” In Allison, P. (ed.), GIS and 'Legacy Data' in Archaeology, Internet Archaeology.


Poehler, Eric E. and S. Evans, 2007 (forthcoming). “Towards a Digital Architectural Model of VIII.7.1-15 and the Porta Stabia.” Rivista di Studi Pompeiani.


Poehler, Eric E., 2006. “The Circulation of Traffic in Pompeii’s Regio VI.”  The Journal of Roman Archaeology.  Volume 19: 53-74.


Non Peer Reviewed:


Cole, K., M. Flohr, and E. Poehler (eds.), 2008 (forthcoming). Pompeii: Cultural Standards, Practical Needs. Oxbow Books, UK.


Poehler, Eric E. and K. Cole, 2008 (forthcoming). “Practical Matters: Infrastructure and the design of the Post-Earthquake Forum at Pompeii.” In Cole, K., M. Flohr, and E. Poehler (eds.), Pompeii: Cultural Standards, Practical Needs. Oxbow Books, UK.


Poehler, Eric E., 2004. “Traffic Jams.”  Current World Archaeology.  Number 4: 46-49.


Poehler, Eric E., 2003. “Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic.”  Athanor.  Volume 21: 7-15.


Poehler, Eric E., 1999. “Some Organizations and Resources Related to Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Issues.” In Messenger, P. M. (ed.), The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property? 2nd Edition. University of New Mexico Press.


Presentations and invited lectures



Activating the Map: Movement as Variable in Spatial Analysis,” Theoretical Archaeology Group, York, UK. December 14th, 2007.


Roman Rooms in an Archaeological Perspective,” invited course lecture (Prof. Bettina Bergmann), Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA. October 17th, 2007.


“Practical Matters: Infrastructure, Ornamentation, and Connective Architecture around the Forum at Pompeii,” K. Cole and E. Poehler. Archaeological Institute of America, 108th Annual Meeting, San Diego. January 6th, 2007.


“Pompeian Archaeology: New Methodologies, New Results, New Questions,” invited lecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. March 31st, 2006.


“Traffic and the Infrastructure of Pompeii,” Northwestern University’s Classics Lecture Series, Evanston, IL. November 3rd, 2005.


“Spatial Order and Social Control: Traffic in Pompeii,” Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop, University of Chicago, May 10th, 2005.


A Reexamination of Traffic in Pompeii’s Regio VI: The Casa del Fauno, the Central Baths, and the Reversal of Vico di Mercurio,” Archaeological Institute of America, 106th Annual Meeting, Boston. January 9th, 2005.


“A Diachronic Perspective on Directionality: Detour and the Pattern of Pompeian Traffic,” Archaeological Institute of America, 104th Annual Meeting, New Orleans. January 5th, 2003.


“Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic,” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 5th Annual Graduate Colloquium in Classics, March 23rd, 2002.


“Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic,” Florida State University, 20th Annual Graduate Symposium in the History of Art, February 9th, 2002.


“The Directionality of Pompeii’s Urban Streets,” Archaeological Institute of America, 101st Annual Meeting, San Diego. January 4th, 2001.


TEACHING, Professional & research experience



Spring 2008      “GIS for Social Sciences”, Lecturer, Graduate Course. Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Fall 2007          “Archaeology and GIS”, Lecturer, Graduate / Undergraduate Course. Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Fall, 2003         Introduction to Art History I” Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Course.    

                          University of Virginia (John Dobbins)


Spring, 2003     “Introduction to Art History II” Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Course.      

                           University of Virginia (Howard Singerman)


2003 – 1999      “Archaeological Surveying”, Instructor, Anglo-American Project in Pompeii.


Awards, Grants and fellowships



Carl H. and Martha S. Lindner Center Publication Award (2006).

McIntire Department of Art Travel Award (2006).

Dorot Foundation Travel Grant (2001, 2002-2006).

Robert J. Husky Travel Fellowship (2002).


W. M. Huneke & G. Kaesar Fellowship (2002).

Florida State University Visiting Scholar Travel Award (2002).

Presidential Fellowship for Classical Archaeology (2001-2002).

DuPont Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Award (2001-2002).

McIntire Department of Art Travel Award (2001).

BSU Outstanding Student of the Year Award (1997).

BSU Harrold T. Hagg Outstanding History Student Award (1997).

BSU Pro Lingua Award in French (1995).

Rick Maynard Scholarship (1994 –1995).





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                     Charlottesville, VA 22903                                 Columbus, Ohio 43210



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