21. [Quintus Cicero] How to get elected 30-32 (purporting to be a letter from Quintus Cicero to his older brother Marcus-the orator-on how to manage his campaign for the consulship of 63 BC. This section deals with influential men in the towns of Italy such as Pompeii, whose residents had Roman citizenship and the right to cast their vote in Rome)

As for Italy, make sure you keep its distribution among the voting tribes in mind. You should take care to have sufficient support in every town, colony, district, and indeed in every spot in Italy. You should seek out and track down men from every region, get to know them, apply to them, get them on your side. You want them to campaign for you in their own areas as if they themselves were the candidate. They will want you as a friend if they see that you seek their friendship. You must talk to them in such a way that they realize you do want them as friends. With men from the towns and villages practically all it takes is knowing their names; they will certainly not miss an opportunity for doing a service if they think that they are providing themselves with some protection for the future. Others of us, and especially your competitors, have never even met these men. You have met them, and will easily get to know them, too. This is a prerequisite for friendship--not enough in itself, of course, but still important. What has to follow is hope of advantage and affection, so that you give the impression not just of someone good at names, but of a friend and a worthy man.