11. Cato On Farming, 135.1-3

Buy tunics, togas, cloaks and blankets, and clogs at Rome. Hoods and ironware (scythes, spades, mattocks, axes, harness, and chains) at Cales and Minturnae, spades at Venafrum. Carts and sledges at Suessa and in Lucania. At Rome and in Alba, vats and basins; rooftiles made in Venafrum. Rome-made plows are good for heavy soil, Campania's for dark soil. Rome's yokes are the best. Detachable plowshares will do the best. Oil mills at Pompeii and in Nola at the shop of Rufrius. Rome for nails and locks, hooks, oil vats, water pitchers, and wine jugs, in fact all sorts of bronze, in Capua and Nola. Capua's Campanian baskets are good; at Capua also ropes for hoists and all kinds of cordage.