12. Statius Silvae 3.5.72-104 (from a verse epistle ostensibly designed to persuade the poet's wife to move to the Naples area)

Vesuvius and that baleful mountain's storm of fire have not completely drained the frightened cities of their folk. They still stand, and their populations thrive. On the one hand is Dicaearchus' city, founded with Phoebus' blessing [Puteoli], a harbor and shore that play host to the world, on the other the town whose walls Capys filled with newcomers from Troy, and now rival great Rome's in extent [Capua]. Beside these is my hometown, overflowing with its own citizens and far from sparsely colonized, nymph-named Parthenope, to whom Apollo pointed out this gentle land when she was borne across the waters by Dione's dove [Naples].

I am eager to move you to this area (for my natal soil is neither barbarian Thrace nor Libya). Winters are mild, summers cool, a placid sea washes its shores with slow-moving wave. Untroubled peace and all the freedoms of a life of leisure; one's rest is not disturbed the night through. The forum has no furors, no legal battles here; the rule of custom is the only law for men and its fairness needs no enforcers.

How shall I now tell the magnificent and elegant appearance of its places--the temples, the many-columned porticos, the twinned mass of open and covered theaters, quadrennial games as great as Rome's? What shall I say of the [textual corruption obscures the noun here], a compound of Roman honor and Greek license?

Round about you will find a variety of pleasures--the allure of Baiae with its hot springs, or you can enjoy a visit to the god-hallowed cave of the prophet Sibyl and the cape made famous by an Iliadic oar [Misenum, site of the oar-topped tomb of the Trojan Misenus]. There is a copious vintage for you from Bacchus' Mt. Gaurus, or the home of the Teleboae where Pharus raises a light dear to sailors, big as the night-wandering moon [Capri]. You will appreciate the heights of Surrentum loved by the wild Lyaeus (literally, the god of loosening), ennobled above all by my friend Pollius' residence, and the pools that profit one's circulation, and reborn Stabiae.