16. Velleius Paterculus Histories 2.16.1-2 (on the revolt of the Italians in 90-88 BC).

The most famous Italian leaders were these: Silo Popaedius, Herius Asinius, Insteius Cato, C. Pontidius, Telesinus Pontius, Marius Egnatius, Papius Mutilus. Here I will not let modesty diminish the glory of my family's name: in saying that much credit must be given to the memory of Minatius Magius of Aeclanum, my own grandfather, I say no more than the truth. He was the grandson of Decius Magius, a leading man in Campania, both famous and honorable. Minatius showed such loyalty to the Romans in this war that he mustered a legion among his people [the Hirpini] and joined Titus Didius in the occupation of Herculaneum, and Lucius Sulla in the siege of Pompeii and the capture of Compsa. Several historians preserve the record of his virtues; the account in the Annals of Q. Hortensius is particularly vivid. The populus Romanus showed their gratitude for his loyalty by a personal grant of citizenship, and by electing his sons to the two of the six annual praetorships.